Hi! I’m Dr Stephanie, ND and I’m passionate about mental health. My job as a Naturopathic Doctor is to make people feel calm, energetic, rested, and more like themselves. I take the time to listen and collect important information (like medication, lab work, and physical signs) in order to craft a personalized treatment plan that makes sense. Using medical knowledge and natural approaches, you can feel better with less side effects.

My mission is to offer naturopathic and mental health care in an environment that feels safer and empowering. Too often the effects of cultural/societal pressures and norms are forgotten about in Health Care, factors that are known to negatively affect health. I continuously work on creating an environment where you are more at ease and empowered to improve the way you feel.

I’m here to guide you through the endless options of therapies and supplements, so that you can make more informed choices. Let me support you to make health decisions you can feel confident about.