Nutritional Supplementation

There are many reasons why an individual may benefit from a nutritional supplement, including:

  • To correct nutritional deficiencies, such as low Vitamin D or Iron levels.
  • To address an increased demand of certain nutrients.
  • As treatment a health condition.
  • To correct for insufficient vitamin and mineral intake from your diet. 
  • To compensate for suboptimal digestion.
  • Exposure to toxins can compete for absorption during digestion or increase our demand for a certain nutrient.
  • Mega-dosing certain vitamins or nutrients can have a therapeutic effect in specific cases, such as high-dose vitamin C intravenously for cancer (for a link to information from the National Cancer Institute on IV vitamin C for cancer, click here).


Determining what supplements are suitable for you can be overwhelming and frustrating. Using current research and clinical experience, a Naturopathic Doctor will recommend the most effective supplements for your case and suggest brands to purchase, taking your current medication and treatments into consideration.