Everyone has the right to accessible and affordable health care, but the reality of access to high quality health care is quite different. Finances is a very personal subject and I have therefore incorporated a three-rate-option, pay what you think is fair.  There will be neither an investigation into your financial situation nor an application process. I request that you reimburse me for my services while considering both the market price (120-195 for an initial appointment in Guelph) and what you think is fair based on your perceived benefits. I am passionate about what I do and am dedicated to provide Guelph with accessible, affordable, and high quality complementary health care.

First Visit (1.5 hours): 120/90/60

First Follow-Up (1 hour): 90/70/50

Subsequent Follow-Ups (1/2 hour): 60/45/30

If for whatever reason this fee structure is still preventing you from accessing ND care, please let me know and we can work something out together.