About stephanie Cordes, ND

Stephanie has a naturopathic family practice in Guelph at Kura Naturopathic Clinic and practices community acupuncture downtown at Guelph Community Acupuncture. With a special interest in mental wellness, pain, and digestive health, her practice focuses on providing patients with the tools to take control over their physical, mental, and emotional health in order to experience life to its fullest potential.

Health education and increasing the accessibility of complementary healthcare has been a longtime passion and Stephanie has built a practice that recognizes structural violence as a major player when it comes to human health. As a result she focuses on empowering the individual by delivering trauma informed care, offering insight about health conditions and current health research, and involving people in the creation of their own realistic treatment plans.


Stephanie Cordes always had an interest in more natural, safe, and holistic forms of healing, inspired by her early experiences with Naturopathic Doctors and other complementary health professionals. 

Stephanie's love for the community of Guelph began while attending the University of Guelph for a degree in psychology. Her passion for community health grew while volunteering at Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis, Community Living Guelph Wellington, and working as a respite care giver for a child diagnosed with autism.

Stephanie has completed her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. Her interest in children’s health grew during her clinical internship at the Robert Shad Naturopathic Clinic in Toronto, which included a focus shift in pediatrics and eventually led her to seek further training as a Doula. Additional experience and fulfillment was found practicing Naturopathic Medicine as an intern at an HIV clinic in the LGBTQ community in Toronto. Stephanie Cordes is a member in good standing with the Board of Directors of Drugless Therapy - Naturopathy (BDDT-N), is a proud member of POCA, and is registered with Rainbow Health Ontario.

Providing acupuncture at Guelph Community Acupuncture  Photo:  Vanessa Tignanelli

Providing acupuncture at Guelph Community Acupuncture

Photo: Vanessa Tignanelli